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For those of you who don’t know about Saal digital. You can print photo books, photos, wall decors card, posters, calendars, wall hanging photos, etc. So, they reached out to test one of their products – wall decors and here is my honest review of the product.

I have broken down the review into 3 parts. The design/upload process, packaging and delivery & the product/ print quality


I must say I was quite impressed with the saal digital software for uploading and previewing your design. It is simple to use fast and quite intuitive. You can basically download the software, select the product you want and bring the design onto the product and then order it right then and there. For me, I could choose the size of my wall poster and the kind of material I wanted to have it on and if I needed any frame or not. You can also see the price right at the start. So, that is definitely a big plus.

Packaging and Delivery

Right after I placed the order, they provided me with tracking code. And according to that, the print was done quite fast in a day and shipped. I was really happy to see that. However, it took 15 days to reach me. I should mention here that I was ordering it from Denmark and the print was coming from Germany. Anyhow it was really disappointing to wait for so long.

Print quality

So, I got the package nicely wrapped in a big box. So, a big plus there. I had actually blown up my image a little for the print I ordered. So, I was a little worried if it will come all blurred. But to my suprise, it is quite sharp. The colors are good and the foam board which I ordered was very nice. I also wanted to check the aluminium frame, which looks decent. So, all, in all a great product.


I wish Saal digital did:

1. Ship it faster. It has a shipping fee. So, it should ensure that the products are delivered fast. It might be a deciding factor when your customers are in a hurry.
2. There are no mention of the dimensions of the aluminium frame on the website. I had trouble making a decision on whether to include the aluminium frame or not. Please try to provide it, incase someone needs it.

To sum up, overall a great product at a great price. Defintely recommend you to have a look at their website.

Until next time. Keep loving. Keep living.

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