All Green in Spring

“You don’t appreciate what you have, until it’s gone”. The long, cold, dark, and colourless Danish winter often reminds me of these words.

When the tropical me longs for some warmth and colour, I find comfort in the thought that it’ll soon be spring – and just like last year, I’ll be surrounded by nature, beaming in it’s full glory. All I want to do is grab my camera, take out my cycle and just be outdoors – biking and clicking – capturing the ephemeral danish spring through my lens.

While spring is still on its way to Denmark, I can’t help but take this walk down the memory lane. Those greenest green of ferns, which stood united with their hands joined together, seemed to be singing a song about the glorious Sun. The carpet of green and white velvet was spread all around in the woodland by a magic wand. Bees and butterflies fluttering happily over cheerful looking flowers. It felt like a whole new world. The colors, the textures and the aroma, everything complimented each other very well. How I wish it was always there!

If only

When the spring comes, everything in the forest grows on its own so beautifully. Yet somehow we have managed to kill all that beauty in the path of progress. If only we learn to grow in harmony with nature, not compete with it. Every year the winter ends, giving rise to a new life in spring. If only we learn to appreciate it while there is still time; before it’s gone, forever.

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