Changing the perspective

Changing the prespective

Last month, I had the opportunity to visit one of the holiest places on earth – The Vatican City. I got to climb the stairs and go up the St. Peter’s Basilica and look at the Vatican from the top.

It is so much different from the top. You look at things at a higher abstraction level. You no longer identify things individually but as a part of the full picture. The road running down to the central plaza gives a direction to anyone visiting. The establishments on both sides of the road provide services to the people, be it a tourist information center or a souvenir soap or just another Mac D. The road leads down to the central plaza, which looks protected by the saints and noble kings from all sides. Walking further down you visit one of the most sacred buildings.

Vatican City from the top of St Basilica

I am sure there was no areal survey when this thing was build, but looking down from the top just makes things so simple and easy. No wonder, the videos made by drones are so popular.


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