The best of ROMA.

The city of Rome is a treasure house. The longer you stay the more you discover. It is an ancient city. Yet, you can see life breathing in every corner of the city.

In this series, I have tried to capture the major landmarks of Rome.

The Pantheon

It is one of the best preserved monuments and dates back to around 100 BC. The architecture and engineering behind the structure is outstanding. We do not see such buildings anymore.

Piazza Venezia

I refer this as the building on the crossroads. The piazza stands almost central to all the major landmarks in Rome. So, you will definitely get to see it more than once. You can also got to the top and see Rome from the top.

Piazza Venezia in Rome

Roman Forum

Must see. Filled with remains from the Roman empire, this place helps you travel back in time. You can easily spend a day here. And be prepared to walk, the way Romans did.

When in Rome, do as Romans do

 Roman Ruins


Colosseum stands next to the forum. It is just breathtaking. When you are inside, you can get a glimpse of the life they had around 2000 years back. And you are bound to hear fun and amusing stories of gladiators from your guides.

It is generally too crowded. You should come back again in the evening to see the Colosseum in peace.

Colosseum in Rome at night

St Peter’s Basilica

When you are in Rome, you will most likely visit the Vatican too.

The church is filled with absolutely stunning artwork and installations. You can also go to the top of the church and view the city, well the entire Vatican.

Vatican City from the top of St Basilica

The Cobbled Streets

While they are no landmark, they are integral part of the city. The small and narrow winding cobbled streets connect all the parts of the city. So, many love to walk and explore the city.

When the sight is so beautiful, who wouldn’t?

There is a lot to explore in this beautiful old city. After all,

Rome was not build in a day.

More photos at Hitesh Sahoo.

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