Roti, Kapdaa aur Maakan

Coming from India, this was the first thing to hit me, when I hear the term nostalgia. India no doubt has been seen as the curry house by the entire world. In certain terms, it is true and beautiful.

If you visit India, I bet you will never run out of new food to discover. I myself keep on getting surprised every now and then. Even in all this wild diversity in India, there is something which remains quite at the core – Roti. It is the staple food for millions of Indians, something they look forward to have at the end of a hard working day. Such has been the impact, that it also has mentions in bollywood scripts too :P. Quite many stories have been scripted around roti and the hunt for it. It has been the face of food as such and in some sense it is the food for many.  It is the luxurious 1-course menu for the poor, the base food for the rich, fun fast food for the young, nutritious food for the old and no doubt the thing that brings us at the dinning table.


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