Evening sunset at Santa Cruz, CA

After a long day of trekking at the Natural Bridges State park, we decided to drive to Santa Cruz beach to unwind. Little did we know, the amazing surprise we had waiting for us. 

Windows of the world 2

This is the second picture in the series “Windows of the world”. Beauty just keeps on getting better each time. Colorful and vibrant, flowers just made the plain white walls lively. You could just keep looking and appreciating it for hours.

Windows of the world 1

I will be posting beautiful windows from around the world. I took these during my recent visit to Wurzburg, Germany. Those were the most beautiful windows I had ever seen.

By the fire.

I am sure, many of you share the nostalgia of playing with fire in your childhood. Even though, you are probably scared of it, there was something which pulled us closer to it.