Wine by the city.

One of the amazing things in the small city of Wurzburg is its vibrant young culture. The city knows how to relax and be there in the moment.  The view from the bridge is amazing.

You can see the river pass under which once served as the trade route for the city. You can see the Marienburg fort standing on the hill on one side and the vast vineyards on the other. However they are not the most amazing thing to see there. Any given day you will always find the young and the old standing on the bridge with a glass of white wine hanging between their fingers. This is what breathes life to the bridge. Hats off.

To be in the moment, we grabbed a glass of wine and decided to walk to the top of the fort. And I think it was there best decision that night. The city looked even more beautiful in a pink filter set by the setting sun. Cheers to the city of Wurzburg. Hope to visit you again soon.

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