Sunset at Marienberg Fortress

The city of Würzburg. It is a living and thriving example of the human spirit.

The city was almost completely in ruins by the end of great world war II. Families separated, children without their parents, siblings split from each other with no house/home to go back to. People were forced to leave their treasures and ruins to nearby villages struggling to just live another day.

Over the years, the city has sprung back to life. Not just that, it has tried to rebuilt some of its past, even-though the wound marks from the war still remains on some walls and memories. It takes pride in what it could save from the great war. It has revived itself to become a center of knowledge. It is now filled with young and energetic crowd who are the future.

That is what this shot is dedicated to. Sitting at the Marienberg Fortress, looking  at the city, you can feel the heart beat of the city is vibrant and young. And the future is bright.

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