Cherry blossoms at København


As I walked into the garden, I was amazed. Amazed at the beauty ? Yes. But more amazed at the crowd that had gathered to see the nature with its make up on.

I decided this to be my picture series to start my blog. There are quite many reasons behind it.



First and foremost, cherry blossoms are one of the natures most beautiful things to look at. The moment you set your eyes on it, you are lost in it, lost in the beauty, lost in the delicate, small flowers, lost in your thoughts and perhaps lost in trying to get that perfect shot. I think the following shot describes it the best.


Secondly, I like that it is a reason for people to come together and enjoy it. Age, religion, color or gender, nothing mattered. We all were there to have a piece of the nature. Even though we were so many, there was enough to amaze everyone beyond their imaginations. The following picture portrays that, the feeling of beauty in intricacy. I think this is nature’s secret way of telling us to stop fighting over color, race and gender. We should appreciate the beauty and brilliance it brings to us.


With all this going on, and we being busy in small little world of ours, there was someone making the best use of the occasion. It was the bees, it was a festive season and they were celebrating it their own way, drinking up nectar. 😛 We are often caught up in our own little world and focus on our problems so much that we hardly see the silver linings. I think, if we calm down and look around, we can always find our cherry blossom nectar somewhere near by. So, lets calm down in our hush hush life and get some time to drink up the nectar from life.



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